When an individual engages in compulsive behaviour such as drug or alcohol substance abuse – despite harmful consequences to themselves and those around them – they are likely struggling with addiction. Addiction and drug or alcohol substance abuse can be detrimental to all aspects of a person’s life. Some people may have stopped their alcohol or drug use for years but are still unhappy and carrying the effects of the past with them and are seeking to recover from earlier, problematic situations in their lives. The objectives of addiction counselling are to help the client achieve and maintain abstinence from addictive substance and to help the client recover from the damage the addiction has done to their life. We offer addiction counselling through one-on-one sessions, couple sessions and family sessions depending on the need of the individual.

Where addiction treatment requires a combination of medication and addiction counselling or individuals also suffer from other mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, which need to be addressed for a full recovery, we refer clients to one of our addiction specialists.