Marriage/couple counselling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationship. The main purpose of marriage/couples counselling is to put you and your significant other in a room with a neutral mediator to help you make sense of what’s going on. The role of counsellor is to facilitate change and resolution by helping you both communicate more effectively and reach your own conclusions under the guidance of a professional. Through marriage counselling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship. Marriage counselling typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner chooses to work with a counsellor alone. This depends on the situation.

Premarital counselling aims to help couples prepare for marriage. Premarital counselling helps partners improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage and develop conflict-resolution skills. In addition, premarital counselling can help couples establish a positive attitude about seeking help down the road.

Premarital counselling can help ensure that you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship — giving you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage. Through premarital counselling, couples are encouraged to discuss topics related to marriage, such as:

  • Finances
  • Communication
  • Beliefs and values
  • Roles in marriage
  • Affection and sex
  • Children and parenting
  • Family relationships
  • Decision-making
  • Dealing with anger
  • Time spent together